solar hot water and solar swimming pool heating systems

About Us:

Bob Lowenfels, owner and manager, has been doing solar energy since 1982.  Since the incorporation of   A & B Solar in 1985, the company has taken pride in providing high quality solar services to customers in southern New York State and nearby Connecticut.  We specialize in the repair and maintenance of existing solar hot water and solar pool heating systems.

Westchester County License: #WC-7398-H96 
Connecticut License: #00386 148


Solar Hot Water Heating: We repair and maintain solar hot water systerms.  These systems reduce fuel bills and conserve natural resources. High fuel prices make these systems worth maintaining.

Solar Pool Heating:
By diverting pool water through solar pool collectors, these systems extend and enhance the swimming pool season with raised pool water temperatures. We do repairs on most types of systems.

Solar Electric Systems: We do not do solar electric systems.

Contact Us:   telephone: 914 769 0393  
                      email: BLowenfels@gmail.com

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a large solar hot water system
our friend the sun !